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Who is liable to pay Croatian Income Tax?

All residents and certain categories of non-residents who source any type of income locally or from abroad are liable to pay income tax.

Who is a Croatian Tax Resident?

A tax resident in Croatia is an individual who has resided or owns/rents accommodation without interruption for at least 183 days over 2 consecutive calendar years in the country. A resident could also be an individual who does not have residence or lives in Croatia but is under the employ or receives a salary from the government based on this appointment.

What is the tax year end?

31st December

When are tax returns due?

31st January and end of February of the following year.

Is there a personal tax allowance?

Basic monthly personal allowance of HRK3,800 for each month for which tax is being assessed.

What are the tax rates?

Croatian personal income tax rates are progressive at 24% and 36% depending on Gross Income.

What are the social security rates?

Social security rates consisting mostly of pension contributions are borne by the employee but withheld by the employer at a rate of 20% of gross salary.

Can I be self-employed, or must I become an employee to work in Croatia?

You can be self-employed in Croatia. Contact us for more details.