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Who is liable to pay Swedish Income Tax?

Swedish residents are liable to pay tax on their worldwide income while non-residents are only liable to pay income tax on Swedish-sourced income.

Who is a Tax Resident of Sweden?

An individual may be considered a Swedish resident for tax purposes if the individual has their officially registered permanent address or their centre of personal and economic interest in Sweden. An individual is also considered to be a resident if they are present in Sweden in a tax year for an aggregate of more than 183 days.

What is the tax year end?

31st December

When are tax returns due?

Tax returns are due by 2nd May of the year following the income year.

Is there a personal tax allowance?

Swedish income tax allows the first 20,000 KRN of earned income to be tax free.

What are the tax rates?

Sweden has a progressive tax rate of between 20 and 25 percent.

What are the social security rates?

Employers in Sweden are responsible for making social security contributions on behalf of their employees.

Can I be self-employed, or must I become an employee to work in Sweden?

You can be self-employed in Sweden. Contact us for more details.